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Scripture about community here

Welcome friends!

Welcome to the community! I am so thankful you are here, and if you're reading these words, I've prayed for God to bless you with joy and draw you into a more deeply rooted relationship with him. Since our Father created us to grow in the context of relationships, I hope you'll take the next step and continue to engage. I’m excited to share with you about all the amazing things God is doing and help you connect with other community members.

- Dr. Andrea L  Robinson


Next Steps

Kaleigh - could each of these link to an email form or somewhere to sign up for the thing in the box?

Also, I was thinking maybe make this a grid with two on top, two below? That would give me more space to write more detail in each box.

Kaleigh - Is there any way to create a prayer list? Like a doc/page where people could post their needs and see other people's prayer requests? I'm sure I would need to approve posts before they go live.


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